Studio Policies

Please read our policies carefully. We take education seriously, and expect that our mutual time and interest in your child's musical education will be respected. Also, as these lessons do take place in a home environment, we expect fully that appropriate behaviour will be maintained. Thank you very, very much for your attention in these matters.



Payment is due no later than the 7th of the month.  All lesson fees are considered as tuition and should be paid accordingly.  Payments, made out to Cynthia Ferris, may be handed in, mailed, paid via direct deposit, Zelle, Venmo, or Paypal.


Open Lesson Times

Quite often, I have last-minute cancellations/changes due to student illness or family schedules.  I will send a studio email out to give you the option of adding an extra lesson. There is no extra charge – it will count toward your yearly lesson quota.


Late Fee

Any payments not received by the 7th will have a $20.00 late fee assessed the following month.  Please notify me ahead of time if payment needs to be made after the 7th.  


Make-up Lessons

In the event that a student becomes ill, I will do my best to schedule a make-up lesson at my convenience.  If I miss a lesson due to illness, the lesson will be made up. Please do not assume that missed lesson fees may be deducted from the following month’s bill or deducted from the current month’s bill


Any scheduled make-up lesson that is missed will not be re-scheduled.   



Assigned Lesson Times - Rescheduling

Once we agree on a lesson time, that is yours for the year.  If, at any time, you must change your appointment due to a sport, doctor’s appointment or after-school activity, you will be responsible for arranging an alternate time with another student.  The teacher is not responsible for arranging re-scheduled times.



If you are late to a lesson, you will receive whatever time is left of your assigned time.  In the event that the student after you is late, your lesson time may be extended.


Termination of Lessons

If you decide to terminate your child’s lessons before the end of the school year, you will be charged for the balance of the month.


Group Classes

Due to COVID-19 precautions, group classes are temporarily suspended.


Extra Activities and Performances

All extra-curricular activities and performances offered through this studio are voluntary – not mandatory.  These include: Silver State and Roger Bushell Competitions, MTNA Competitions, RCM Practical Examinations, Master Classes/Workshops, Junior Festival and Musicianship Exams.  For those of you who wish to take advantage of the performance, educational and scholarship benefits these programs offer, entry fees are minimal and will be billed 1-2 months prior to the event.  No student will be registered for an event without pre-payment of fees.



Please park directly in front of my home or across the street. If you are the only vehicle, pull up as far as you can to leave room for others.  I ask that you make every effort to not have any part of your car parked past the electrical box.



Students, especially those coming directly from school, are encouraged to have a snack prior to their lesson.  Water bottles are welcome in the studio. If siblings come along, I ask that no snacks be eaten in the house. Please enjoy them in your car on the way to the lesson or out on the front patio.


Personal Hygiene

COVID 19 PRECAUTIONS: All parents and piano students must wear a mask and maintain 6 feet of social distancing. Flute students will stand socially distanced, approximately 12 feet, from Miss Cynthia during lessons.

All students should have their hands and faces thoroughly clean before coming into the studio.  If a student is suffering from allergies or a cold, there are tissues and anti-bacterial soap in the studio they can use.  I ask this as a health courtesy to both me and the students who use the piano, music stand & pencils.